Brexit – EU Low Skilled Migration May Be Impacted

The UK’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended that the UK treats EU migrants the same as non-EU post Brexit, assuming immigration is not a part of any final Brexit deal with the European Union.   The MAC’s recommendation is that existing Tier 2 visa rules be applied globally, and that the minimum salary requirement be placed at £30,000.  The committee advised that migration from the EU is not overall of significant benefit or detriment to the UK, and that the real benefit lies in the migration of highly skilled workers, whether they come from the EU or not.  So, in the absence of any hindering reciprocal agreement with Europe, the MAC’s academic position is that low skilled migration from Europe should be curbed, free movement between the UK and Europe ended, and all people from all nationalities be required to apply for work permits if they would wish to live and work in the UK.

It is however widely believed that immigration will be a key part of any final Brexit Deal, and so the UK Government might find it difficult to implement the MAC’s recommendations.

The full committee report can be found here.

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