Chobani Boss Weighs in on US Immigration Policy

The founder of Chobani Yogurts, Hamid Ulukaya, has talked about concerns within his workforce and supply partners about the effect of America’s hardening immigration policy on their lives.  They have expressed concerns not about their own status, but about the possible impact on their families being able to visit them, and their ability to hire workers to do manual farming tasks.

Mr. Ulukaya, himself a migrant to the US, has had a long-standing policy of hiring migrant workers in Chobani, and has been active in supporting refugees through his charity, “Tent Partnership for Refugees”.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Mr. Ulukaya expressed his support for the Trump administration’s “America first” policy, but stated that this should not be at the expense of putting “humanity first”.    He expressed hopes that the current policy trend will not damage America’s image as a land of opportunity where dreams can be realised through hard work and perseverance.

CNN’s reporting of this story can be found here.

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